June 09, 2011

Writing is harder than what you think

I realized why I was worst the 2nd time, cause I thought I should be better by then (which is ridiculous; it is like millionaire dreams) and therefore, I wrote a lot faster as if I am on my right hand. But apparently, it is a long process, so, we are back on the track.

So now the question is how long would it take for me to write as well as my right with my left. I will try not to cheat meaning I will write all these with my left AND I only write things come to my mind [while writing with my left hand]. But of course like every where else cheating will happen from time to time. I may think of something cool when I am not writing and write it later on just to look cool. I won't write with my right hand obviously as this is the whole point.

1 comment:

  1. keep up the hard work. You my friend, have no idea how fascinating it is to feel a lil bit closer to the left-handed people.