June 06, 2011

Start Writing with My Left Hand

Writing with left hand is harder than just writing the letters nice. It is about where to start [the] orientation. It also seems that your train of thought is also get affected. It is slower and also harder to keep thinking. Even holding the pen in your left hand is hard and mind consuming.

Something weird happens as soon as you decide to write with your left hand. At the beginning of this experiment, you are all tens with squeezed fingers and muscles. It happens from time to time that you forget what you want to say as you are so concerned with writing.

Frustrating is what it is.

You might think after 5 minutes that you are becoming worst so then sleep on it. You might also feel sort of a pressure in your right hand. That's because your brain is sending commands to it to take over the hard task.

S and 5 are particularly hard. You want to start [writing them] from opposite side.

1 comment:

  1. hey. don't give up it took me over 20 years to retrain the pathways in my brain to write left handed and still working on it. once you realise some way you can relax the nerves and open a whole new path way. the mind will open up as if it was a child learning new things. I'm still working on it myself. try and think colors cold and hot and maybe something relaxing like a warm fire. this will break the creative mind set that is set in motion with the left hand writting. just remmber it took me over 20 years. try and feel a flow instead of forcing with logic patterns.